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'Coming home'
If you like quirky films and are a 'Dog' person (you know who you are), then may I recommend a film? We have just seen 'Dean Spanley'. The main roles are performed by Jeremy Northam, Sam Neill, Bryan Brown and Peter O'Toole. With such a stellar cast, I knew I could expect good things. I found it enchanting, witty, beautifully shot and it made me weep (Dog people will understand).

I will not spoil the plot (you can go to Wikipedia for the storyline if you wish). I think it is about coming to terms with the loss of a loved one (in many forms and guises), so being fond of dogs is not a prerequisite* of seeing the film. You can click HERE for the trailer.
Edit. * Should that be 'prerequisite', I wonder? Barrett Bonden will know! BB, if you read this can you tell me which is correct? 9/3/09- see BB's reply in comment box. I had used 'requisite'.