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I am back

I have been allowed out on sedate walks around the bush park for the last week. She kept me on the lead. But as of yesterday, the lead was off.

Oh, the joy, the freedom.
The scent of green grass.
The aroma of 'wee-mails'
the smell of dead magpie.

Straight to the creek for a paddle, with her saying something about 'minding' my leg. I didn't care, I don't care. Pushing my muzzle under the water. Then jumping out and rolling in the grass (she stopped me from rolling in the dead Magpie) and trying to get her to throw a two metre long tree branch (she would not), so I dragged through the park instead.

All was good.

We got home and I deigned to let her dry me. Later, I lay on the hearth in front of the fire. My leg was a bit stiff when I woke up, but I ignored it. She was in the place where she makes food, so I found her and waited for bits of food to fall on the floor while she was cutting it all up.

She keeps telling me I will have to be careful. That there will be no more chasing balls or sticks or my frisby. I don't care, walks are back. She keeps telling me not to jump when I feel the joy, because I will have to go back to that vet place and truck loads of money will be required to mend my leg.
I am Dog, watch me, just watch me jump for joy and ignore all warnings.