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  • First leg of the flight....spare seats, so two each, perfect.
  • Second leg of the flight...awful. We have upgraded to premium economy for that part of the journey back!
  • Family met us with a giant inflatable kangaroo at the airport.
  • I have a head cold (blaming recycled air on plane).
  • McVities milk chocolate biscuits.
  • It is VERY cold. I love it.
  • We went to Faversham yesterday. The whole town was scented with the aroma of hops from the brewery...bliss.
  • Sneeeeeze.
  • I am surrounded by green trees and green grass (this is a novelty).
  • I am re-learning to drive....the hire car has a manual gear change. I have been using automatic gears for nearly ten years.
  • The bluebells are out and I can just about smell their perfume.
  • Canterbury tomorrow. Note to self... take camera. We are tourists in what was our home county. I am seeing things with new eyes.
  • Cough.
  • No images for this post as Alchemist has our laptop and he is in London at the Science Museum.
  • It was the Alchemist's birthday yesterday. He chose a 'Top Gear Stig' birthday cake. We had to save the The Stig (made of icing), because no-one could bring themsleves to eat such an icon.
  • Any typos and spelling mistakes are due to constant coughing and sneezing and not the shot of whisky that was in my coffee.
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