KEEPING IT SIMPLE. Words and images to document the ordinary, the detail and the minutiae of life.



A personal list
  1. Walk daily (with Dog) to sleep well at night.
  2. Read, read, read.
  3. Love is often evident in the mundane.
  4. Be absurd.
  5. A room of my own is a joy (thankyou A).
  6. Crying is often helpful.
  7. Think outside the box.
  8. Observe hands, they tell a story.
  9. Tell beloveds that they are indeed be-loved.
  10. Rage when necessary.
  11. Butter tastes better than margerine.
  12. Running away does not fix it.
  13. Grey is good.
  14. I am an artist.
  15. Cleaning the shower 1x wk is easier than 1x mth.
  16. I have become quieter.
  17. Walking towards a problem, often clears the view.
  18. Accept with grace.
  19. Solitude is a balm.
  20. Get the vacuuming over and done with.
  21. Say 'No'.
  22. Say 'Yes' and leap.
  23. Eat plenty of fibre.
  24. Feet are important, look after them.
  25. Wear a hat.
  26. Make time to hold a hand.
  27. Always carry a camera.
  28. Perfume is good (but be subtle).
  29. Gather/collect/display.
  30. Cwtch. (Welsh for cuddle up).
  31. Friends are valuable.
  32. If I were rich I'd collect Netsuke.
  33. You can't mend someone's life for them.
  34. Swim to relax and stretch.
  35. Make time to do something creative.
  36. Tea cureth all evils.
  37. Get up early and enjoy the peace.
  38. Just laugh.
  39. Bluebell blue/dirt red/linen white/eucalyptus green.
  40. Rust and found objects can be beautiful.
  41. Give back.
  42. Talk it over.
  43. Mascara and a good 'concealer' can work wonders.
  44. Listen and hear (then ignore if necessary).
  45. Insist on a 'date' night once a week.
  46. Well made shoes/clothes are expensive, they last.
  47. Good bread makes a meal.
  48. Gardening is good for thinking.
  49. 'Dragonfly-blue' toe nails.
  50. Stay in touch.
  51. Rules can be broken.