KEEPING IT SIMPLE. Words and images to document the ordinary, the detail and the minutiae of life.


For Alison

Who requested an image that said,

'Welcome, you are wanted here, just as you are'.

It was a morning sometime last year. I took the photograph to remind me of a moment. I opened the curtains in the kitchen and stood awhile watching rain fall. I knew, that out there, the perfume of wet eucalyptus trees and damp earth would be intoxicating. The daylight had a watery luminescent quality that seemed to flow into the room.

Inside, I could hear the hound lapping water and his dog tags tinkling against the edge of the bowl. The fridge was humming, the kettle coming to the boil. An ordinary start to a day.

I sat in the rocking chair (the back of which, shows in the left of the picture),  a cup of tea in my hands and wanted to share the experience with someone.  Alchemist was away and so Dog was my only companion.

You would have been welcome too, just as you are...