KEEPING IT SIMPLE. Words and images to document the ordinary, the detail and the minutiae of life.


The essence of ordinary things 

  • Elastic bands from the mail, on a hook in the pantry door.
  • Chalk for the shopping list blackboard, by the ceramic water filter.
  • Library books, on the little shelf under the rock and fossil collection.
  • Reminder notes, on the kitchen counter.
  • Dog leads, on the 'dog tail' hook by the front door.
  • Hats for the summer, by the back door, front door and in the ute.
  • Swimming things in the french basket.
  • Incense sticks in the wooden jewellery box Pop made me in 1967.
  • Silver rings in the abalone shell that P. bought back from NZ.
  • Hand cream, kitchen window sill and the coffee table drawer.
  • Earrings in woven baskets on a shelf in the bathroom.
  • Precious (to me) jewellery in a marquetry tea box from J.
  • Love letters, in a printer paper box, hidden away.
  • Pencils in the green hand thrown pot made by P.
  • Reading glasses, shoulder bag and bedside chair.
  • Three silver beans in small pale blue felt bags.
  • Computor cables that 'nest' in corners.
  • Letters to be answered, in the green ceramic bowl.
  • Candles in a small three drawer chest from Japan.
  • Bills under the tiny pestle and mortar from H.
  • Nan's art deco tea service in the crystal cabinet.
  • Shopping bags in an old basket in the kitchen.
  • Sewing projects in a linen bag hanging on my armchair.
  • Books on shelves.
  • Walking boots, next to the dog bed in the hall.
  • Magazines to keep, in a box my my desk.
  • Loose leaf tea in small japanese canisters in the pantry.
  • Garden shoes by the backdoor.
  • Rock and pebble collections on a shelf under the mirror.
The house needs vacuuming and dusting, the air conditioners need cleaning and the windows need a wash. Meanwhile all the 'things' sit in their places and make this house, our home.