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'Wel nine and twenty in a compaignie....'

This picture by William Blake has been with me a long time. It depicts Chaucer's Pilgrims setting out from the Tabard Inn in Southwark, London. Tonight as I sit here with just one lamp lit, the colours seem to glow. I recognise many of the characters, the Knight, the Miller, The Wife of Bath, The Nun, The pardoner and there is Chaucer himself in his red gown on a black horse at the rear of the group.
I am reminded of a wonderful time spent with family in the UK. HERE in my old blog 'Secret Hill'. Also, HERE to watch Bill Bailley's wonderful take on a 'Chaucerian' tale.
(click on highlighted text to 1. travel to Canterbury, 2. see where herhimnbryn used to hang out and 3. a little humour)