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Kettle's on, hope to see you there.

Bloody Blogger

I am very much afraid that I will no longer be blogging. I use a small notebook laptop and cannot see all the post page layout.

I am not against change, so long as it is for the better. I do hate it when change is imposed upon me and I am left to deal with the consequences!

Maybe the headcold that is blighting my days at present, doesn't help. Anyway, goodbye for now. I just don't have the patience...


For L
Who wakes at 4am.


'Afternoon sunlight on the red chair'

In the room with the red chair,
sunlight slants through the window.

A moment for the old chair to glow.
And I wait just to see.



All is brown and drear in the garden,
but the potted succulents never


I am craving...

Rain on our tin roof
and a drenched garden.


'Handpainted sign with webs'

The signwriter with brush, paint and maulstick
climbed his ladder and set to work.

 Years later, I paused to admire his craftsmanship.

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Magpie Alert.
They're flying in under cover of the trees.

'Adjusting sonic detection devices to forward position.
Message received and understood. Preparing to give chase.'


'Waiting for the green light'

Modern road construction is not known for inducing humour. However, waiting for the traffic lights to change, I felt a smile coming on here. I see stylised native flowers in that paint work. The curving street lamps on the bridge add to the quirky effect.


'Sweeping the path'

I made this path.
Today, while sweeping it
I saw moss on stones
and dappled sunlight.

Angle of the sun
and a curving path.

The right moment,
just waiting
for me to



Where possible make time for play.



A sigh of relief when
sliding my feet
into rope soled shoes.



I saw this banana skin
slumped against a kerb and thought,
'I know just how you feel'.


A good sleep last night,
the last for several nights to come.

Early morning, sitting at my desk.
A cool breeze through the open door
whispers around my right shoulder.
Later the wind will be easterly and hot,
but in this moment I take delight in my
chilled right shoulder.

A week to come of hot nights and searing days.
I will crave the deep green hedgerows, 
rain, mist and cold white snow of where once I lived.


After a day painting the new pergola,
 a dry martini beckons.



I am sick of bloody leaves. I have raked and bagged and raked again. They are a fire risk, so I am out in our half acre every day filling huge 295 litre leaf sacks, which Alchemist takes to the tip at the weekends. The Shire (council) then shred the leaves and local residents buy the mulch to spread on their gardens!

I have lost my Zen and the art of garden maintenance, but did notice this leaf. I was merciful and let it stay.



Bedroom window open.
Looking through,
I watch for his return.

He walked with Dog today,
so I wait for both
to stroll back down the road.

A magpie splashes in the bird bath,
Leaves drift down from trees.
A good moment
to just

Ah, here they come...


It's been several months since I was told to stop swimming.
Today at 5.30am I went back to the pool.

A clear blue sky, water that glittered and a lane to myself.

Eight lengths completed. I am pleased.
Driving home, I sang all the way.

Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year
to one and all.


From the kitchen window.

The weather is warming up in Australia, so I close all curtains during the day. Our house remains cool and the air conditioner dormant. As the temperature drops I open curtains, windows and doors again, allowing cross breezes to air the house. Tonight, I was greeted by a pink sky, trees in silhouette and the laughter of Kookaburras. (click on link to see and hear these birds). 


Australian Tiger eye rock

All my favourite colours, glistening after rain.
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There be dragons ambling through my garden.
They eat slugs and snails, so are welcome here.
( for true scale click HERE)


Books and pictures

Every book read and in most cases read again.
Only one defeated me. I surrendered after two chapters.


The essence of ordinary things 

  • Elastic bands from the mail, on a hook in the pantry door.
  • Chalk for the shopping list blackboard, by the ceramic water filter.
  • Library books, on the little shelf under the rock and fossil collection.
  • Reminder notes, on the kitchen counter.
  • Dog leads, on the 'dog tail' hook by the front door.
  • Hats for the summer, by the back door, front door and in the ute.
  • Swimming things in the french basket.
  • Incense sticks in the wooden jewellery box Pop made me in 1967.
  • Silver rings in the abalone shell that P. bought back from NZ.
  • Hand cream, kitchen window sill and the coffee table drawer.
  • Earrings in woven baskets on a shelf in the bathroom.
  • Precious (to me) jewellery in a marquetry tea box from J.
  • Love letters, in a printer paper box, hidden away.
  • Pencils in the green hand thrown pot made by P.
  • Reading glasses, shoulder bag and bedside chair.
  • Three silver beans in small pale blue felt bags.
  • Computor cables that 'nest' in corners.
  • Letters to be answered, in the green ceramic bowl.
  • Candles in a small three drawer chest from Japan.
  • Bills under the tiny pestle and mortar from H.
  • Nan's art deco tea service in the crystal cabinet.
  • Shopping bags in an old basket in the kitchen.
  • Sewing projects in a linen bag hanging on my armchair.
  • Books on shelves.
  • Walking boots, next to the dog bed in the hall.
  • Magazines to keep, in a box my my desk.
  • Loose leaf tea in small japanese canisters in the pantry.
  • Garden shoes by the backdoor.
  • Rock and pebble collections on a shelf under the mirror.
The house needs vacuuming and dusting, the air conditioners need cleaning and the windows need a wash. Meanwhile all the 'things' sit in their places and make this house, our home.


Here I am testing out my new bed cover. Shewhofeedsme made it. I bet She thinks I won't get up on her lap anymore. Excuse me while I take a minute to ponder on that...



Well worn. His favourite shoes.


He knew I would dismantle the bouquet,
I could hear his smile as he spoke on the telephone.

A ginger beer bottle of gum leaves on the window sill,
a rusting tin of wattle on the kitchen counter,
 an old Bovril jar of waratahs and a protea
on the coffee table.


Gum leaf

Burnt and torn, but coloured bright.

(Thankyou Mary Oliver. See previous post.)